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We’ve been the UK’s no.1 network seven years in a row – and we’ve just been awarded no.1 for 5G, too. Our 5G network gives you a more reliable service, speeds like you’ve never seen before and instant connection to the content you love most. See below why we are the envy of every other network.

Better connection

Crowd-beating connection in busy places
Our 5G network keeps you ahead of the crowds. Before 5G, connections could slow down or stop working altogether when too many people tried to connect in one place at one time. But our 5G network has much more space for everyone – so you can keep watching movies at the train station, video calling from the match, and streaming music at the shopping centre.

Better connection

Speeds to be jealous of
We don’t need to tell you that our 5G offers faster mobile speeds than ever before: you can feel it. You’ll feel it when you download a movie and it takes seconds. When you stream a box set at high resolution with no buffering. And when you experience video calls so crisp and clear that they feel like real life.

Better connection

Enviable experiences
Our 5G network opens up all kinds of new possibilities with augmented and virtual reality. Walk around the African Savannah without leaving your garden, visit the beaches of Hawaii from your local park. Skip across the surface of the moon. Get lost in your favourite games when you’re travelling to work, battling monsters and winning football matches while you wait for the bus.

No other network gives you 5G in more places

We’re continuing our 5G rollout plans, we’re bringing it to even more of the UK this year, so everyone can experience unbelievably fast speeds on the UK’s no.1 network.

Click here for the full list of cities and towns.

To give our customers the very best experience, we’re focusing our efforts on the busiest places, where the power of 5G can make the biggest difference. All our 5G customers will get a more reliable connection, even in the biggest crowds.

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