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Upgrade FAQs

Yes you can! Here at Phones, we can upgrade absolutely everyone, regardless of where you got your existing mobile contract from.
Upgrading is easy! Simply make sure that you are due an upgrade (typically 45 days before the end of your current contract). You can do this by calling us on 0345 413 6262, then choose your handset from the wide range available, and purchase! We’ll do the rest!
Yes you can! Keeping your number is really easier when you upgrade on the same network – your number is automatically transferred to your new price plan. And if you're upgrading and changing your network then you can simply port your number as usual.
You’ll be eligible for a free upgrade typically 45 days before your contract ends.
Typically, you can upgrade 45 days before your contract end date (for free!). Contact us today on 0345 413 626 to check if you’re eligible to upgrade.
Simply give us a call on 0345 413 6262 and we'll tell you when you’re eligible for a new phone contract and handset! Or you can fill in our eligibility checker above!
Don’t worry – we’ve got a huge range of SIM-free smartphones for you to choose from, which you can use with your existing SIM card until you’re eligible to upgrade.
This might be because you haven’t had your current contract for long enough yet. Call us on 0345 413 626 to find out your upgrade date.
The Orange and T-Mobile brands are owned by EE, which means you’re still with exactly the same company. With EE you’ll get great benefits, such as 4G data and free tethering… Take a look at some of the other benefits of upgrading to EE.
That’s the great thing about upgrading on the same network – because the network already knows you, there is no further credit check performed when you take a new contract with them!