A SIM Only deal is a contract between the customer (you) and a mobile phone network. This may differ from phone contracts you’ve had in the past, which include the mobile phone. A SIM Only deal just includes the data, minutes, texts & any network benefits.

A SIM Only plan works just like a phone contract, with a few small differences. When your contract starts, you’ll have access to all the data, minutes, texts & network benefits agreed upon. You’ll receive a SIM card through the post and simply plug that into your current phone. Once you’ve been through the STAC/PAC process, you are texted through a connection date, normally within 1-2 days.

This depends on the SIM Only plan you’ve agreed to. We range a mixture of SIM Only plans in our tables, with the most common choices being 1, 12 & 24 month contracts. Most likely your contract will continue to roll, at the agreed monthly payments & data allowances. We’d always suggest checking the fine print with your network provider.

We believe so! Whilst networks may have very different pricing from each other, the cost of adding a mobile phone into any contract does make it more expensive. That’s why you can find SIM Only deals on our website for as little as £5 per month.

It’s very easy to switch between networks today, it’s as simple as sending one text message! The only decision you need to make is if you want to keep or change your mobile phone number. We’ve got a really handy guide on the full process here.

Roaming means to use your network package anywhere you go, like at home. As the UK has left the EU, free roaming across Europe is no longer guaranteed. We would recommend you check with your network, if roaming is an important part of your plans. We’ve got a very handy contact us page here.

The age old question! Some networks like Smarty offer great prices & fantastic flexibility. Others like Voxi offer endless social media data. Networks like O2, EE & Vodafone offer fantastic network benefits that whilst more expensive, could be excellent value. Deal strength also changes depending on the time of year, and when networks need to take market share from the competition. That’s the beauty of Phones.co.uk, you can compare across all the UK’s networks, and browse all the deals on one site.

On some networks, yes. If you want to take out a SIM Only deal to build your credit, you may want to try some of the networks which do not credit check. We’ve got a handy page for these deals here.

Phones.co.uk is a new telco comparison site, comparing SIM Only deals across the UK. We work with every provider across the UK, and have a range of flexible plans, at prices for everyone. We have excellent Trustpilot ratings, and have already helped hundreds of customers. Currently we just compare SIM Only, but watch this space!