How To Switch

Yes, finally! You’ve found that deal you’ve been searching for, saving you heaps of cash every month, you’ve dodged the price increase and you’ve landed even more data to surf, stream and download than ever before.

How To Switch?

Now the question is, how do you purchase that deal and keep your number? As we all know, it’s such a pain sending round that text to everyone to let them know “Hey it’s me! I have a new number.” It’s too much effort for you and everyone updating your contacts list. Not to mention your entire network of energy suppliers, banks and all the “Two-Factor-Authentication” settings out there you’ve now forgotten about.

So let’s take you through that step-by-step guide of switching your network provider and keeping your number.

Step 1 – Get your PAC Code.

There’s some new regulations you need to be aware of. Good ones. Ofcom made it even easier to help you switch network provider. There’s a standard protocol every network provider has to follow to make switching easier.

To get your PAC code instantly, just text PAC to 65075. Within a few minutes, your network will send you a message confirming your intent to switch. Follow the instructions and you will receive a PAC code shortly.

This PAC code lasts for 30 days, so make sure you’ve found your deal before then. If your 30 days have lapsed, just follow the same process again.

Step 2 – Give your PAC Code to your new provider

Now it really is this simple. During the checkout, your new provider will ask you if you want to supply a PAC Code. When prompted, enter your PAC code into the box and your new provider will know you want to keep your number.

Checkout as normal and wait for your new SIM to arrive. You will be given a temporary number by your new supplier whilst they get the switch underway in the background but you can leave your old sim in your phone until your current provider disables your account.

Step 3 – Sit tight and wait for the magic to happen.

At this point, you’ve received your new SIM wondering what to do next. Keep your old SIM in your phone. Your new provider will contact you in the next few days just to let you know what day and time they are assigning for the switch.

The time of which providers will be able to switch you can vary. It should really take no longer than a few days.

Step 4 – Make the switch

The day has come. You’ll know when the switch has been processed because your signal will drop on your old SIM. Pop your new SIM into your phone and your new provider will take it from here.

Your new provider will be in touch to let you know the switch has been successful and welcome you to the network. From here, your temporary new number will no longer exist and your new provider will use your new number to contact you.